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How To Geekify Your Workout


I’ve been working to get healthier physically this year and I, of course, had to make it geeky and fun for me. So I am sharing some ways that you too can geekify your workouts.

Make It A Game

I have to distract myself from the fact I am working out so I don’t feel miserable. Gameifying does exactly that and can be done in two different ways. The first way is to play an actual game. There are definitely a bunch of fitness-focused games out there that you can play. I personally have been playing Just Dance for my cardio workouts and it is so much fun compared to going to a gym for me. There is also the Ring Fit Adventure of the Nintendo Switch that I have heard great things about if you want more of a traditional workout gamified.

The other way to make your workout a game is to take a traditional workout and make it a game. There are a bunch of TV and movie workouts out there that are in the same vein as drinking games. You can also make yourself a character you are leveling up with fitness and keep track that way. Pinterest is full of these for the searching.

Use Fandoms to Inspire Your Workout

Another option is to use various fandoms to inspire your workout. There are a bunch of superhero-themed ones, like Wonder Woman or Captain America workouts. You can find gyms that host fandom-themed workouts too if you prefer the group dynamic. It will feel like you are now in that universe and the immersion can help get you through workouts.

Join Geeky Fitness Groups

Having a support system does wonders in many areas of life, fitness included. Finding a group of geeks getting fit can help you get to connect with others on your journey and have a place to converse and seek advice if needed. My favorite group currently is Geeky Gals Getting Healthy.

Do you make your workouts geeky? Tell me what you do with a comment below!

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