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First Look: Coffee Talk


I have seen this game suggest on social media and on some other blogs I follow, so I decided to give the demo a play and share my thoughts.

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Coffee Talk is a visual novel where you are the owner of a late-night coffee shop in a world where humans and fantasy races are intertwined. You listen to customers’ problems and helps them out with a nice drink.

The game really is as simple as it sounds. You have conversations with your customers and make them drinks based on their stated preferences. It looks like you unlock more drinks as you play the games which will be a nice thing to strive for gameplay-wise. You can also make latte art I learned and did poorly, but the poorly part was my lack of control handling and defaulting to a smiley face. The drink making minigame is the main form of player interaction and can have an effect on the plot, but I am not sure how much of an impact it is beyond an opinion on the drink. Overall the coffeemaking is a nice break from the conversing with the patrons.

Speaking of the patrons, they will come to your midnight caféand share their problems with you. In the demo, you interact with three customers: a couple and a regular. The regular is a journalist striving to complete a novel with a short deadline. The couple is of two different races and is experiencing the tension of that from their families. The demo gives us the mere introduction to these characters but you get a solid sense of what could come through further interactions.

Coffee Talk is a simple and charming game that is quite soothing. It is the kind of game that I’d play at the end of the day to relax, much like when you read a book before bed. My own skepticism is that you won’t be able to impact the story via conversation or in a true plot changing way, which is what I enjoy most about visual novels.

What is your go-to coffee shop order? I don’t like coffee so I’m a hot chocolate gal myself. Tell me your answer with a comment!

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