Cosplay Disney Saturday Six

Disney Characters I Would DisneyBound


For this week’s Saturday Six, I am sharing Disney characters that I would DisneyBound.

If you don’t know what DisneyBounding is, it is essentially an everyday cosplay of Disney characters. It’s great for going to the theme parks and getting to feel like you’re your favorite character without breaking park rules about dressing up. 

All images are from thedisneybound Instagram

I did do a DisneyBound Tag and shared some characters there, so I decided to make these six completely different than that tag.


Moana is one of my top favorite Disney films and I really enjoy her as a character.


My super sarcastic side would need to DisneyBound the sassy Meg.


Atlantis is one of my favorite underrated movies from Disney and Kida is an awesome character that would be fun to interpret.

Madame Leota

I mentioned in my DisneyBound Tag that I would love to do a bound of one of the paintings in the Haunted Mansion. Another fun one for my favorite attraction would be Madame Leota.


Mulan was one of my original choices and I would also want to do a Ping one as well.

Edna Mode

For a Pixar choice, Edna Mode would be really fun. Especially if I can go around and tell people “No Capes!”.

Who would you DisneyBound? Let me know with a comment below.

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