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What I’ve Been Loving on Disney+


Going along with the 5 Fandom Friday of this week, I am sharing six shows and films I have been enjoying on Disney+.

One Day at Disney

One Day at Disney is the documentary and docuseries that showcases what a day working for Disney is like across the company. From animators to cast members to hosts to mechanics, so many stories are told and it is very interesting.

The Imagineering Story

Imagineering is the people behind the parks for Disney. This documentary covers the entire history of the imagineers, starting with Walt himself. Since I love the theme parks, I knew I would love this film.

Disney Vault

Having access to all of Disney’s classic films is what everyone should love to be honest. Being able to stream older movies like Robin Hood and The Great Mouse Detective has been so nice.

Short Circuit

Short Circuit is a series of independent animated shorts created by various filmmakers and animators at Walt Disney Studios. The films are independent shorts that are meant to “take risks in both visual style and story”. It is very quick to watch them all and the start of each short is a brief interview with the director of each short.

Disney Insider

This docuseries takes us on backstage tours of various projects from the Disney company. It is brand new so only one episode is out as of this posting, but I really enjoy the behind the scenes look at the vastness that is Disney.

Kim Possible

One of the greatest kids shows of all time, it’s been fun to go back and watch Kim Possible again. It’s still just as good as it was when I was a preteen.

What have you been watching on Disney+? Share in a comment below!

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