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Self Care Tips Based On Your Hogwarts House


As geeks, we almost all know what our Hogwarts house is. And with times being what they are recently, I figured it was a good time to make some suggestions for how to take care of ourselves based on where the Sorting Hat placed us.


Do Things Just For You

Hufflepuffs are very loyal and dependable friends and are often more than willing to help others when they need it. However, they are not always the best at looking out for themselves like they do others, so Hufflepuffs should do things that are just for themselves.

Talk To Friends

Friendships are very important to Hufflepuffs and having those friends is a great asset for self care. Talking to friends, whether about whatever is stressing you out or just an average conversation, is a great way to get help if needed, a distraction, or just some social needs fulfilled.

Be Kind To Yourself

Hufflepuffs are very kind folk, and that kindness should also be used on themselves. It’s easy to be hard on yourself and hard to be kind, but kindness will lead to better self care.


Learn Something New

The house of wit and wisdom loves learning, and learning something new can be great self care in many ways. First, it is a way to expand your horizons and knowledge. Second, it can be fun and a good break from whatever is stressing you out. Third, it can make a new hobby that can be a go-to self care choice. Whether it is learning something to improve yourself or learning just for fun, Ravenclaws will best enjoy spending time for themselves educationally.

Do Something Creative

Ravenclaws are creative people, not just book smart people. Being creative is a often recommended form of self care, such as coloring books, painting, dancing, or crafting. Creative hobbies are great to be a break from the stressors of life.


Reading is a great activity that is made to be self care for Ravenclaws. Reading can be a form of escapism and can also be a way to think in new ways.


Take A Step Back

Gryffindors like to be the leader of the pack, and sometimes that give them a hero-complex and a hot temper. Taking a step back to collect yourself is necessary for Gryffindors to recenter and not burn out.

Go Exploring

The adventurous nature of Gryffindors means that getting out and exploring will do them good. Whether it is going on a hike or just a walk around the neighborhood, getting out into fresh air and exploring is a great way to take a break from the stress.

Spend Time With Others

Gryffindors are also very loyal and thrive with their fellow housemates. Spending time with others in some way is good for social connection and taking a break.


Reality Check

Slytherins are very ambitious, and that ambition can lead to some ridiculously high standards and expectations for themselves. It is good for Slytherins to have a reality check and be more realistic with themselves and their desires.

Make Some Goals

Along with the reality check, it is good for Slytherins to create goals for their ambition and plans to reach those goals. It help bring things back to reality without minimizing your ambition and desires.

Take The Lead

Slytherins are natural leaders, so sometimes it is just best to take the lead when you can. If you want to meet up with friends, take the lead to plan that out. If you want to spend a Friday night in, take the lead in planning that for yourself. Self care is in your hands so it is only natural to take the lead.

How do you take care of yourself? Leave your suggestions in a comment below!

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