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Board Games for Disney Lovers


Are you a lover of all things Disney and enjoy playing board games? Well, I have some great game suggestions for you!


If you’re a Disney Villain fan, you have to play Villainous. You play as one of Disney’s most famous villains and have your own unique win condition. And your goal is to be the most villainous villain of all the villains.

Disney Codenames

Disney takes the well-loved game of Codenames to a new level. In teams, you will have to guess where your spies are with clues based on the Disney characters shown. With over 90 of Disney’s properties in the game, it is perfect for all us lovers of the mouse.


If that magical side of Disney is something you love, Abracada…what is perfect. It is a family-friendly game where you cast spells against your opponents, but only your opponents can see what spells you have.


If you are like me and adore the theme parks, Imagineers is perfect. You will build your own theme park like you are a Disney imagineer yourself in this game and try to create the best theme park you can.


If you’re more of a Disney princess person, become a princess yourself in Monarch. You play as a princess trying to make her way to become the queen through various means. You can build your court, collect useful items, and expand the kingdom in this game.

Steam Park

Another one for the theme park lovers, Steam Park combines the magic of theme parks with steam punk styles. It is like making your own Tomorrowland in a board game and you are trying to make the best park possible.

Do you have any suggestions for the Disney lovers? Share them with a comment.

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