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First Look: Dead by Daylight Mobile


Dead by Daylight is one of my favorite video games to play and to also watch. I’ve been following it since the beta back in 2016 and still keep up with it now. So when Dead by Daylight Mobile released I knew I had to give it a try.

For those that don’t know, Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical survival horror game where four survivors have to repair generators to power and exit door and escape while a killer hunts them down. Since the release of the original game, there are now 21 survivors and 19 killers that are playable, and all characters have unique perks to change up the strategy of gameplay.

Now for the mobile version, the premise is entirely the same and the same characters are available. An upside of the mobile version is that it is free, with options to buy certain DLC of the licensed killers (ie Michael Myers) as well as buy auric cells for cosmetics which you can also do in the PC and console versions.

One thing that changed that I found interesting was the blood web. In the original, every character has a blood web they use points to clear and get perks, items, and offerings. Every character’s blood web is unique to them. In the mobile version, the web is replaced with the blood market. It is similar to the blood web where you use points to unlock items, perks, and offerings. Instead of a web it is a tiered list like shown. And it looks like all survivors share one market and, I assume, all killers share another. So anything earned in the blood market for survivors can be played on any survivor you choose. It is an interesting change from the original and I think it’s purpose is to simplify the system for mobile-friendliness.

Now for gameplay and controls themselves, I have to say I hated it. From having to run, then walk, and then crouch walk, and then be able to hope windows and pallets, repair gens, activate perks, and so much more it is just too much for a mobile game in my opinion. The sensitivity is also wild and to me so hard to control. You can adjust it, but it was just insanely floaty and weird to me.

One thing I hated the most is that your actions would “lock”. If you moved the running up enough it would lock you into running and other actions would not stop you running. The same thing happened with crouching, which led to me getting caught by a killer because the crouching being locked overrides me running away. It is hard to escape (aka the whole purpose of a survivor) when these things lock.

You basically do everything with your thumbs, and then your thumbs are in your way visually which is so important in this game. It is so much easier to play with mouse and keyboard on PC and even controller on a console than it is on mobile. I can’t imagine anyone playing on mobile and being good at it. If I had paid for this game I’d be upset with it honestly. So thankfully it was free.

If you have ever been interested in trying Dead by Daylight, I’d give the PC version a try over playing free on mobile. I do not think that DbD mobile is a good representation of this game as a whole.

Have you played Dead by Daylight before? Tell me if you prefer killer or survivor in a comment below. I prefer survivor in case you wanted to know.

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6 replies on “First Look: Dead by Daylight Mobile”

Ya, I figured the mobile version would be hard. I’m still working on looping using a controller, but I imagine it is much harder on a phone… Killer is too easy, I play both though. Prefer survivor because I think it’s more challenging, but I wish they would let survivors communicate with headsets. You should read my blog about the “Save Yourself” strategy.

I play on mobile and u need to keep trying to loop.its pretty hard at 1st but its still fun…but when survivors leave the game they become bots and its not rlly fun..but it can entertain u on mobile and I mean it can entertain u on other devices. In my opinion its easier for me to play on mobile than pc or ps4

Dead By Daylight Mobile… Not something I ever would’ve thought would exist, though I can’t say I’m surprised, given that everything from Fortnite to PUBG, to CoD has had a mobile release.

Based on what you said, it sounds like the experience is about average as I’d expect. It’s a shame because I’ve played the game on Xbox a few times and it’s a lot of fun. Not something I’d want to try on my phone though, even under the worst of conditions.

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