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Beginner’s Tips for Animal Crossing: New Horizons


I, like many others, have been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It is my first time ever playing an Animal Crossing game and I have seen many other newbies join the fun. So I decided to share some quick tips I have learned from my own bumbling about in case you are brand new too.

Go Faster with the B Button

Whether you want dialog boxes to go faster or you want to sprint instead of jog, the B button is your friend. Holding B when running will make you run faster and pressing it in dialog boxes makes those go faster. The one exception to this that I have found is in crafting, where spamming the A button makes crafting go faster.

Organize Your Inventory

You can organize your pocket inventory by holding the A button down on an item and moving it where you want it to go. I like having all of my tools in the first row and the resources together, so this organizing option was a godsend when I accidentally discovered it.

Get Bells at Home Quickly

I have found that I can get a decent amount of bells fairly quickly by just fishing. Fish have all sorts of different values so the amount you get can vary. I suggest making fish bait from manila clams that you dig up on beaches, putting yourself in a spot that you can fish at easily (for me it is oceans) and bait and fish away. I’ve paid off bridges and inclines in a day this way.

Non-native fruit is also a great way to get money since they get 500 bells a piece and coconuts get 250 apiece. I have separate orchards for all the fruits so I can make anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 bells per orchard. I’ve seen recommendations to dig up whole fruit trees from other islands to plant on yours, but if you have some patience you can just take some of the fruit and plant that. That will be easier to accomplish with the help of friends who have other fruits.

Hit and Shake Things Multiple Times

The more you hit rocks and shake trees, the more you can get out of them.  You can hit a rock up to 8 times to get resources but you’ll want to prevent getting pushed back so dig holes behind you to stop that. You can also shake trees endlessly for a chance at more resources. When chopping trees for wood, you can chop up to 3 times. That goes for coconut trees and bamboo too.

Eat Fruit For Extra Power

You can eat a piece of fruit to give you more power for certain actions. I mainly do this so I can dig up fully grown trees and replant them elsewhere. It is great for making orchards and overall laying out your island. You can also completely break rocks this way, which I only do when I want to spawn a rock elsewhere (again for layout reasons). Nursery trees and flowers don’t need this extra power and can be dug up whenever.

Different Creatures Come Out Based On Certain Conditions

Not only can fish and bugs seasonal, but they can also be affected by the weather. On a super rainy day, I got snails and a coelacanth fish that I have never seen on my sunny days. Bugs can also appear based on certain conditions. Leaving a piece of garbage (empty can, tire, or boot) out unattended will bring flies that you can catch for the museum. And I hear that letting turnips rot will bring roaches that you can also catch.

What are your tips and tricks for Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Please share them with a comment below!

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