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Prop Culture is a new docuseries on Disney+ hosted by collector Dan Lanigan as he explored different Disney films from over the years through the props and the people who made the films possible. I knew I had to watch this series and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

From Mary Poppins to Tron, Nightmare Before Christmas to Who Frames Roger Rabbit, many Disney classics are explored on the show. We get to see what has happened to the props of these famous films over the years, like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag and the various Jack Skellington puppets. Not only do we see the props, but we get to see them reunited with the people who made them a reality.

It is so interesting to learn about these movies and everything that went into making them happen. The Nightmare Before Christmas episode in particular was very special to me since it is a film I have seen in my childhood and I learned new things about how that movie came to be. It is also interesting to learn about the culture of props and how they were not as cherished back when Mary Poppins filmed like they are now.

But my favorite part of this show is when they reunite the pieces with the people who worked with them. Be it the actor who wore the costume, the artist who made the matte scene paintings, or the choreographer who danced with the prop, watching these moments were so wholesome and meaningful. One in particular I loved was when Karen Dotrice, the  actress who played played Jane Banks in Mary Poppins, got to see part of her costume again. You could see how much she loved being a part of that film and memories based on her reaction and I loved it.

The history behind these props and getting to see where they are now is very interesting, but what makes this series special is reuniting these pieces with the people who worked with them and seeing the memories come back to them. If you love Disney and have seen any of these films, you should give Prop Culture a watch.

What movie would you love to see the props for? Share in the comments your choice!

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