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My Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wishlist


I like many others have been playing my fair share of the newest Animal Crossing game. From all the time I have put in, there are some things that I wish the game had. And I am sharing those things with you in this post.

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Crafting and Buying Multiples

Fishbait and bell tickets are the two biggest influences with this one. I have spent huge blocks of time spam crafting fish bait and spam redeeming bell tickets and I am so tired of it. I’d love to tell the game how many of these items I want and get it all done in one action versus 20.

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Customize Without Leaving Crafting

Having to fully back out of a crafting table to then customize an item is inconvenient. I want an option for when you finish crafting something to have a customize option there. it would be a much smoother process.

Dance Reaction

There have been so many instances where I want my character to dance! When my residents are singing together or I have a stereo playing Bubblegum K.K., I want to be able to dance to the beat even if it is super simple.

via @eggloaf on Twitter

Buying Multiples of the Same Clothing Style

I have been quite a clothing collector in-game and one of my biggest issues is when shopping in the dressing room. I’ve had many instances where I have wanted to buy more than one top or I want pants and a dress and I can’t make one transaction to do that. Instead, I will buy the pants, leave the dressing room, go back into the dressing room, and buy the dress. A cart function would be so nice when clothes shopping.

Maze Island Tickets

I really enjoyed the May Day maze island and I would love to do more islands like that. It would be a fun way to use my miles since now that I have all fruits and bamboo and a full island of residents so I have no reason to island hop and my miles are just stacking up. I would buy so many maze island tickets to solve puzzles and maybe get some special goodies out of it.

Unbreakable Tools

Having to replace tools constantly is a bit annoying. I mostly get annoyed at losing a watering can when I am in the middle of watering all of my gardens. Even gold tools don’t last forever. So it would be cool if you could craft unbreakable tools from stardust. It is probably the least realistic thing on this list, but hey its a wishlist for a reason.

What is on your ACNH wishlist? Let me know with a comment below!

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