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What to Watch: Zenimation


Disney has created a new series on Disney+ called Zenimation, which highlights the calmness of Disney animation and sound based on different themes.

When I first saw Zenimation being talked about it was described as Disney ASMR, which may or may not sound appealing to you. I would describe it to be closer to listening to a sound machine while being paired with scenes from favorite Disney animated features.

What I find the most interesting part of this series is the sound work involved. For many of these scenes, they are backed with music and not sound effects really. But in Zenimation, the music is taken out and sounds fitting the scene are at the forefront. So we hear the sails of Moana’s boat in the wind, Baymax zoom through the sky, the bustling streets of Agrabah, and more. It really is a soundscape experience and that is what I enjoyed the most.

Every episode is between 5 and 10 minutes long and they are all on Disney+ already.

What Disney movie would you want to have a soundscape for? Let me know with a comment.


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