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Geeky Ways To Spend Your Birthday


With my birthday being in a couple of days, I decided I wanted to share some ideas of geeky ways you can spend your birthday!

When this was posted, it was during the COVID-19 pandemic. However I wanted to write a post that could be used beyond the stay-at-home orders and quarantines. You should absolutely be following what your officials and medical leaders tell you to do.

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Plan a Night with Your Favorite Things

If you love board games, have a game night. If you love video games, play some multiplayer with your friends. If you love anime, binge your favorite show. If you love Disney, watch your favorite movies. Basically it is your day so do what you love on it.

Go To Your Favorite Geeky Place

Birthday’s are a fun excuse to do something special every now and then. Go to your favorite theme park, try an escape room, see if you can find a geeky trivia night somewhere, visit a board game cafe or an arcade, or any other geeky thing you love to do.

Have A Themed Party

Parties are not just for kids! You can throw a Harry Potter themed dinner party or a Disney brunch party. You can even have a simple get together with some geeky touches.

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Enjoy Some Good Ol’ Alone Time

If you aren’t one that enjoys a big birthday, you can definitely enjoy some solo time and make it geeky. Dive into a solo video game or start that book you’ve been meaning to. You can binge your favorite show or have a movie marathon of a favorite series. A low key birthday is still a good one.

How do you like to spend your birthday? Let me know with a comment below.


5 replies on “Geeky Ways To Spend Your Birthday”

Happy birthday hon! I love this post, it’s so opposite from the usual getting dressed up and going out and getting wankered with a big group of friends idea people always seem to expect.. How are you spending yours, any of the above?
I had two days for mine: One with my Dad in the day and then at my blokes in the evening where we had a huge Indian takeaway. Then the next day at home on my own was a pamper day and then I got pissed and danced and sung to cheesy pop and then watched 80’s teen films.

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