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First Look: True Beauty


Even though I have been reading this webtoon for a long time, I have yet to share True Beauty on the blog! So I am fixing that today with a first look to introduce you all to this series.

In True Beauty, we follow Jugyeong who is a shy, comic book fan that becomes a makeup master after binge-watching beauty videos online. Her popularity skyrockets as she becomes her school’s prettiest pretty girl. But while she wants to keep her true face a secret, a fellow classmate Suho learns the truth and their relationship gets complicated. And there is also Seojun making things even more complicated.

This is a romance comic that definitely enjoys cliffhangers and love triangles. Between Suho and Seojun both having feelings towards Jugyeong and her complicated feelings for them, it is definitely a roller coaster of emotions for readers.

Beyond the romance however, there are a lot of other topics and themes covered in this series. One being the most obvious is loving your real self and accepting your real self they way it is. This is a constant struggle for Jugyeong that we have yet to fully reach resolution since the series is still going. Other topics are family relationships, friendship, and personal struggles. These characters experience a lot of growth throughout the series.

True Beauty is available to read on Webtoon.

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