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Favorite Run BTS Episodes


Run BTS is a variety show created by the band BTS. They compete in various challenges such as bungee jumping, cooking competitions, obstacle course, and more to win prizes and for our amusement. I’ve been watching the whole series recently and wanted to share some of my favorite episodes they have done.

Ep. 83/84 – Summer Outing

In the Summer Outing episodes, BTS plays various rounds of water polo, water slides, water obstacle races, and blob jumping. It is a hilarious episode, especially the obstacle course races.

Ep. 23 – Pet Friends

In Pet Friends, The members pair up with dogs and compete to see who can get their dogs to do various tasks. A whole episode with adorable dogs doing tricks and agility so it’s just so wholesome.

Ep. 24 – BTS vs. Zombies

This episode made my sides hurt from laughing so hard. The members fight off a zombie attack at Everland while going through an obstacle course and solving puzzles. It’s very schadenfreude but with a zombie horror theme that is kind of the point.

Ep 31 – Variety Shows of Memories part 2

In this two parter, the group competes in a bunch of different variety show games that are popular in Korea. I specifically pick part 2 because it has the game where they have to remember a children’s song after taking a nap. Their frustration over a song about a tomato is really funny.

Ep. 33 – BTS x Manito part 1

Each of the members get a Manito (similar to secret santa) and a mission they had to complete in secret while doing other missions. I choose the first part because it has the jumping photo challenge, where they have to jump at just the right time to get in the photo and express a specific emotion. It leads to a lot of hilarious photos.

Ep. 39 & 41 – BTS Golden Bell

Golden Bell is a variety show with a bunch of different games. The members are in two teams competing against each other and it’s full of hilarity. Also Jin as the MC is so good.

Ep. 51 – 50th Episode Special Part 2

BTS celebrate their 50th episode and do a mission in an amusement park. The pirate ship mission alone is why I really enjoy this episode. It is a little bit of the schadenfreude again, but watching them try to solve riddles on a swinging ship is hilarious.

Ep. 89/90 – BTS Gayo Returns

In these episodes, they do a bunch of challenges related to their music, such as miming song titles and having to mix match choreography. It gets really silly and is fun to watch.

Ep. 100/101 – 100th Episode Special

For the 100th episode special, BTS plays upgraded versions of past challenges. Frying pan versus pot lid badminton was funny enough on it’s own, but they also bring back the jumping photo challenge, and do an upgraded version of their paintball episode.

Run BTS is available to watch on V Live and does have subtitles.

Have you ever watched Run BTS? Tell me your favorite episode in the comments below.

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