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First Look: Best Friends Forever


Best Friends Forever is an upcoming dating sim all about dog lovers finding their human companions. Not only are you trying to woo others, but you also have to legitimately take care of your new dog. The demo is currently out so I gave it a try and here are my thoughts.

You are new in town and decide to download the Woofr app, which is a dating app for dog lovers. So you decide to adopt a dog yourself! You and your new furry friend are now off to meet new people, make new friends, and maybe a few dates too.

A special part of this game is that you are actually training and interacting with your dog throughout. Your pup will have different stats that you can build via various activities like going for a walk, playing fetch, and other typical dog stuff. So far from what I can tell, this helps you bond with your dog more and I assume will affect how they behave in public. That’s right you have to watch and take care of your dog while in interactions with other characters. My only gripe with this is you can miss some parts of the conversation with a miss click cause your dog is pulling away from you.

There are many different people you can woo in the game. And the game is LGBTQ+ friendly which is a huge plus. And every character has a distinct personality which is good. The relationships move a little fast but I believe that is because it is the demo and they want to feature as much as they can within a small window of gameplay. So I expect the pacing to be smoother in the full release.

Overall, I found Best Friends Forever to be a chill and enjoyable dating sim. Having to train and take care of your dog is a great addition to the game as well so it’s not just about meeting people with dogs.

Best Friends Forever is planned to release this year and hopefully soon.

What breed of dog would you want in this game? Let me know with a comment below.


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