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First Look: Future You


Future You is a Webtoon about a time-traveling secret agent who is stuck in the current era and her growing relationship with a police officer with a tragic past.

Renna has been stuck in her last era for 10 years after a mishap that cause her time machine to break. She’s had to adapt to her surroundings while trying to repair her time machine to get back home with nothing but her super smart watch, called Mia, to help. This becomes complicated after a run in with Nidell.

Nidell is a police officer with a tragic past. His parents were murdered in front of him and the murderer was never found. He however is still on the hunt to find the murderer and bring justice and he suspects Renna of having some connection to it. And things get even more complicated when he starts to fall for her too. And she might be growing feelings herself.

There are many mysteries in this romantic drama that make it really interesting to read. Renna and Nidell have a complex relationship that we don’t really know where it is going to go. Renna is also still on a mission technically, so she could be jeopardizing everything by getting close to Nidell. It will be interesting to see where this Webtoon takes their relationship and what answers we’ll get.

You can read Future You on Webtoon.

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