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30 Day Harry Potter Challenge


Megan at A Geeky Gal creates a new 30 Day blogging challenge every year and this year is all about Harry Potter. Since today is Harry’s birthday, I am going to answer all 30 prompts in one post to celebrate.

This challenge is traditionally done over a span of 30 days, as the name implies. I’m going to be a deviant and answer all 30 prompts in one post.

Day 1 – When did you first read Harry Potter?

I’m not sure of an exact age but my guess is around 8 or 9 years old. I started reading before the movies came out for sure and the series was still a work in progress when I started.

Day 2 – What is your Hogwarts House & is it fitting?

I am a Ravenclaw and damn proud of it. I definitely think it is fitting for me and on any test I take for it, Ravenclaw is the highest percentage by a ton.

Day 3 – Which pet are you bringing with you to Hogwarts & why?

I used to really want an owl because Hedwig is awesome and a pet owl is cool. But now I think i’d go with a cat because I am that strong of a cat person.

Day 4 – What spell have you always wanted to use?

For the be cool and badass reasons: Expecto Patronum. But for practical reasons it would be Accio.

Day 5 – What character do you think you are most like?

I think I’d say I am most like book Ginny. Sassy and powerful are like trademark for me as well as Ginny.

Day 6 – Which two characters would complete your trio of friends?

Hermione obviously! And Ginny. Smart, strong, sassy ladies unite.

Day 7 – What shape would your patronus take?

If I had to guess based on my personality, I’d probably be a cat of some kind. I’m thinking like a Russian Blue or a Tabby.

Day 8 – What memory of your own would you view in the Pensieve?

This is a hard one. My happiest memory is graduating from college but I don’t necessarily want to go back to it. Maybe I’d choose one of my dance performances since that is further back in time and happy.

Day 9 – What would the Mirror of Erised show you?

I would love to know cause I have no conscious idea of what it could be. I’m cursed with not really knowing what my deepest desires or dreams are.

Day 10 – What Hogwarts class would be your favorite & why?

Defense Against the Dark Arts interests me the most. But I think I’d really enjoy Transfiguration because of McGonagall.

Day 11 – Divination: Interpret a dream you’ve had recently.

So I looked up dream meanings to answer this one. To briefly explain the dream, I am driving in a city that is like a blend between Las Vegas and Anaheim. The freeway is crazy busy and I am getting frustrated driving around it. According to what I looked up, dreaming of driving is a representation of how we take control of our lives and how we steer them (pun intended). So looks like I am stressed out by the many roads of life.

Day 12 – Defense Against the Dark Arts: What would your boggart be?

The short answer would be death, so probably the Grim Reaper for a visual manifestation. But really my biggest fear is not being able to control myself in a situation. Think of waves being stronger than you and you can’t get out of them because of it. My dream from Divination gets deeper, doesn’t it?

Day 13 – Muggle Studies: What muggle skill would you like to learn?

Two things come to mind: the ability to draw/other visual artistic skills and be able to play an instrument/create music.

Day 14 – Charms: Create your own spell.

I’d like a time pausing charm. Unlike Immobulus, which freezes just the target, I’d want to freeze all time around for a moment. What I would use it for? Maybe if i need a moment to collect myself or I could stop something from happening in that immediate moment.

Day 15 – Potions: What would Amortentia smell like to you?

I think chocolate would be one for sure. Honey and vanilla are also two that could be in it. And if memory serves me correctly, Amortentia also has scents related to who you love which that I wouldn’t know exactly what the smells would be.

Day 16 – Transfiguration: If you were an Animagus, what animal would you be?

Absolutely a cat. Just your chill Tabby house cat.

Day 17 – History of Magic: Who is your favorite Hogwarts ghost?

I guess the Grey Lady since she is my house ghost. I don’t really have any particular ghost that I’d say is a favorite.

Day 18 – Herbology: What magical plant would you want in your garden?

Either a Wiggentree of Dittany. The Wiggentree can protect whoever touches it from Dark creatures and Dittany is a powerful healing herb with restorative properties.

Day 19 – Care of Magical Creatures: What creature(s) do you find the most fascinating?

Phoenix is a personal favorite of mine that I find very interesting. Their life cycle is fascinating and they have healing abilities which is cool.

Day 20 – What are you wearing when out of your robes at Hogwarts?

I’m definitely a jeans and house sweater kind of girl. Comfy and casual with a touch of house pride.

Day 21 – What edible treat(s) would you like to try in the Wizarding World?

Definitely Cauldron Cakes! A small chocolate mousse filled chocolate cake, dipped in chocolate ganache with matching ganache handle sounds delicious!

Day 22 – What would a day in the life look like for you as a Hogwarts Student?

My day would start with classes, as I a not a breakfast person so I’d probably skip it. Outside of classes I’d be chilling in my common room with my kitty and reading.

Day 23 – What quote defined the Harry Potter series for you?

“”Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Day 24 – What other fandoms would you recommend for Potterheads?

Me being a true Ravenclaw find this question difficult because there are so many other factors that can attribute to what someone likes. Depending one what parts of Harry Potter someone enjoys and what they don’t can affect this answer.

Day 25 – How would you feel if the wizarding world were to exist today?

I’d probably beg for them to interfere with the muggle world that is currently a disaster. And it would be interesting to see if and how they adopt technology in their world.

Day 26 – Do you think Voldemort is evil due to his nature or his traumatic childhood?

He was essentially born evil since he was conceived under the guise of a love spell and thus made heartless in the process. He didn’t learn to be evil he just is.

Day 27 – What do you think the moral message is in Harry Potter?

I think Harry Potter has multiple moral messages throughout the series. The prevailing one would be about love, particularly the non-romantic kind, and how powerful love is even in the darkest of times.

Day 28 – Rowlings’ Annual Apologies: What would you change about the series?

The fact the Rowling wrote them. She has become a very problematic person and has many beliefs I whole heartedly disagree with. So I adopt the Death of the Author philosophy and that Harry Potter is ours now, not hers.

Day 29 – How has the Harry Potter series influenced your life?

Harry Potter fueled a lot of my imagination and creativity as a child that I think carried over to my adult years. And certain characters’ qualities have influenced me as well.

Day 30 – Epilogue: Did the original series get the ending it deserved?

I think so. I wouldn’t change the ending myself. I wish that the story ended at it’s Epilogue though.

Make sure you check out Megan’s post if you want to do this challenge yourself!


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