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College for Cupids, Pop-Up Haunted House, and Santa’s Elves: Kickstart Your Week 7


It has been quite some time since I’ve done a Kickstart Your Week and there are some really interesting ones happening right now.

Love University #3: Class Is In Session

Lucy Barloc is a seventeen-year-old romantic who wants nothing more than to fall in love. She’s an adorably geeky fangirl who’s pretty badass at archery, too. On the eve of her college tour, Lucy asks a psychic her destiny but is quickly told that true love is forbidden for her. She has no idea why. That is until she finds herself at a place called Love University. This is the third comic in the series and you can get all three in this campaign.

Roll Camera! The Filmmaking Board Game

Work together with friends to write, storyboard, shoot, edit and premiere a quality movie before running out of time and money in this board game! You’ll get the full movie making experience in this game alongside these adorable colorful characters.

Save State Cards

Save State Cards are cards that are to be used to help save the current state of your card-based tabletop gaming excursion. Maybe you’re playing a really intense game of Uno or Dragonwood or Hanabi and for whatever reason you have to set the game aside for later. This is honestly brilliant so I knew I had to share it.

The Shivers

The Shivers is a mystery pop-up Role-Playing Game for 2-5 players where you work together to explore a spooky mansion and find hidden secrets. Play different episodes in the ever changing house and see if you can win with your team.

Arcana Notebook

Chronicle your adventures in this beautiful 5E campaign journal. The 120 pages within are packed full of information to help you streamline your sessions and provide a place to record every location, NPC and faction you come across. When the campaign winds down and your hero is ready to retire, the Arcana Notebook will ensure your memories are kept safe on your bookshelf so you can always reflect on the journey.

Get Stuffed

In this festive card game, you are playful elves battle to stuff stockings, become Santa’s favorite and tell the others to “Get Stuffed!” Now is a great time to get some holiday games ready on Kickstarter and this one looks very fun.

The Tricker-Treater and Other Stories

The Tricker-Treater and Other Stories (TTAOS) is a short story collection where you’ll encounter monsters, eerie locales, urban legends reimagined, the dark side of humanity, complicated relationships, blood, love, and so much more.

What was the last project you backed? Let me know in a comment below.


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