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My Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wishlist 2


I’ve recently had a second wind of playing Animal Crossing a bunch and been doing a huge design overhaul of my island. And with playing a bunch more again, I’ve come up with more things I wish the game had.

Terraforming Aim

As cool as terraforming is, I get so aggravated doing it. The number of times I build a cliff I don’t want or fill in the river when I don’t want to is aggravating. So any sort of aim indicator would be glorious.

Turn Off Island Music

I want the option to turn off the island music that plays by default. Since I have themed my island I have placed stereos in various areas to play music fitting that spots theming. But the default music override it and you can’t hear it as well. So the option to turn it off would be nice.

Top Down View

When you are terraforming and in the camera, you can do a full top down view. I’d love to have that view whenever I want as one of the perspectives you can switch to.

360 Outdoor Decorating

Decorating outside would be so much easier if we could 360 while doing it like you can inside a house. Maybe if you could do that is you’re in island designer mode it would be nice. I’ve had to Tetris my decor so much and the 360 ability would make it easier.

Deconstruct Crafted Items

I thought of this as I was experimenting and trying to make hidden Mickey’s out of objects. It would be nice to take something you crafted and take it apart for resources. I ended up selling unused items but it would have been great to get some stones and iron from them by taking them apart.

Rugs Outside

This is a small one but I would love it. I have a bunch of rugs that would work great in my vignettes but since they are outside I can’t use them. I don’t see why you should not be able to put a rug down outside.

More Design Slots

I had to include this one and it is honestly the biggest one. I am fully out of design slots for both the customs and the Pro customs. And there are so many cool things I’d like to do with certain designs but I don’t have the slots for them. And since they just added fireworks which involves custom designs, we should have gotten more space along with that. I will beg on my knees for more design slots.

Are you playing Animal Crossing? Tell me what your wishlist would have in a comment.


8 replies on “My Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wishlist 2”

A terraforming aid I completely agree with. It’s definitely annoying the amount of times I’ve accidentally refilled or demolished a cliff or water section, same with laying pathways. There’s quite a few quality-of-life improvements that could be made to make the experience better.

I mostly want an update with Brewster and The Roost. I also miss having interactions with certain characters like in Wild World, where the character would sigh and you would ask them what’s wrong and they would tell you some story, similar to how Sable talks to you. And I know there’s lots of shell furniture, but I’d love to be able to craft coral wreaths, or other coral furniture.

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