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First Look: Unlovable Replacement


Unlovable Replacement is a Webtoon by Nyanla that follows Chiko Dyer after a big breakup and the weird relationship he starts to build with a local delivery girl named November.

November is an outspoken, blunt, and sarcastic girl with multiple jobs and a keen desire to make money. Behind that strong personality are personal struggles including her brother in a coma and the medical expenses associated with it. She has no time to catch feelings, let alone fall in love. And because of that she has made herself unlovable.

Chiko is a guy with family money whose serious relationship ended and left him down in the dumps. After a crazy offer to his local pizza deliverer, November, he finally starts feeling better and falling for her in the process. He will do anything to spend more time with her, including pay her.

As you can imagine, this arrangement is not really that simple. Growing feelings, personal problems, how November already knew Chiko, and the unexpected connection between November and Chiko’s ex make this relationship complicated, and thus fun to read.

Seeing Chiko and November’s relationship development is definitely the highlight of this comic. Their interactions are my favorite part and Chiko is such a good guy and I wish he actually existed because he is so good. I’ve definitely rooting for them as a couple so hopefully, as this Webtoon progresses, we can get deeper into them falling in love.

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