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A Fold Apart Review


A Fold Apart is a puzzle game where you play as a couple in a long distance relationship and fold paper in various ways to clear puzzles as they navigate the difficulties of being apart.

A copy of this game was provided for the purposes of this review.

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The page folding mechanic is very clever and well-done in this game. The variety of ways they came up with puzzles that only used folding one side, let alone all four, was great. The difficulty progression is also well done new elements are added like blocks, climbing, page rotation, and perspective.

Story wise, the exploration of a long distance relationship is an interesting one. All of the puzzles take place while you are in the thoughts of the playable character, which is a creative use of symbolism. I definitely connected with this story, and the puzzling thoughts, of being in a long distance relationship which makes me appreciate the game more. It is a relatable portrayal of the struggles of loving long distance. The game also has a subtle undertone of mental health as both characters have their individual struggles with the relationship.

The game is fairly short and can be played in 1-2 hours depending on your puzzle mastery. The art is also worth noting because it is quite charming and I like the uniqueness of the each of the characters and their individual surroundings. The only issue I had was that I would lose interest playing after a while as it is not the most exciting game ever.

Overall, A Fold Apart is a charming and relatable puzzle game that I think anyone can enjoy. The difficulty progression is well done and the story is emotional and relatable to anyone who has had a long distance relationship.

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