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Favorite Geeky YouTube Channels


My number one source of entertainment is definitely YouTube. And I have such a wide variety of interests, both geeky and not, that my subscriptions are pretty diverse. So I am sharing some of my favorite channels to watch on YouTube.

Katherine Steele

Katherine is a big Broadway nerd and her channel is all about that. She geeks out about her favorite shows, does character studies, gives tips and tricks to fellow actors, and vlogs. She has a separate vlog channel and well as a gaming channel that I also watch.

Jesse Cox

I’ve been watching Jesse Cox for a long time. I specifically enjoy Scary Game Squad, where he plays horror games with three of his friends, and his Fan Friday series where he plays games recommended by fans. His channel is how I found Armello, one of my all-time favorite games.


Lex is a body painter that creates characters, makes tutorials, and shares tips about the art on her channel. I enjoy seeing how she makes all the different characters out of body paint.

Offhand Disney

If you couldn’t guess from the channel name, Offhand Disney is all about Disney. He talks a lot about the theme parks specifically which is why I really enjoy his channel.


Emma talks all about books on her channel. She focuses on YA and also gives attention to mental health and LGBT books.


Ohm is probably the channel I’ve subbed to the longest consistently. He does let’s plays specifically and a lot of Dead By Daylight which I watch a lot. He was the channel that got me into Twitch as well.

Megan Marie

You may know Megan from A Geeky Gal, but did you know she also has a YouTube channel? She has plenty of geeky content over there, including gaming, so you should go support her if you aren’t already.

Who do you subscribe to on YouTube? Let me know with a comment.