Just Dance Song Wishlist

Ubisoft has been sharing some of the songs that will be in the upcoming Just Dance 2021 and it got me thinking about what songs I would like to play in the game. So here is a list of some songs I wish to see in the game.

Literally Any BTS

The fact there is no BTS in Just Dance is mind-blowing with how popular they are and the awesome dance-inducing songs they have. Dope, Fire, IDOL, Mic Drop, ON, and Dynamite would all be great and that is only a few of the options that would be super fun in Just Dance.

I’m So Excited by The Pointer Sisters

It is impossible to not dance when I’m So Excited comes on, so it should absolutely be in Just Dance. It’s such a feel good, energetic song it would make a really fun dance.

MIROH by Stray Kids

Part of this choice is because I love Stray Kids and want any song of theirs in the game, but I specifically pick MIROH because I think it would make the best Just Dance song out of their discography.

Move Your Body by Sia

This super upbeat Sia song is perfect for Just Dance. And since Sia already has music in the game it is totally possible. It is high energy and could make for a great hard song.

Never Really Over by Katy Perry

Like Sia, Katy Perry is already in the game multiple times and Never Really Over is a newer song that is upbeat and fun. It would make a nice easy dance to play between all these more intense tracks I’ve listed.

Do you play Just Dance? What songs do you want in the game? Share them in the comments!


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