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Legendary Ladies Review


Legendary Ladies: 50 Goddesses to Empower and Inspire You is a collection of stories about various goddesses across cultures and time. From Athena to Pele, Kali to Oshun, this book has them all and some insight into how they can inspire you.

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The book is organized into different sections with goddesses that fit a particular sections theme within it. Some of the sections include Love, Power, and Reinvention. This way of organizing is nice if you are someone who will flip to a specific area in the book for some insight and inspiration.

Every goddess gets a brief summary of their story, their power, and what they represent. The briefness makes it a quick and light read which is nice but also feels a little too general if you know about the goddess prior to the book. For example, when I read about Athena and Artemis it felt a little simplified, but that is because I know more about them from previous reading of mythology. So while this book is a nice introduction, it is not the most detailed.

The real highlight of this book is the beautiful art. The author, Ann Shen, is an illustrated so her style of colorful art fits nicely with all of these goddesses. You will have to have a physical copy of the book to really appreciate the art, because on a Kindle where it is just black and white will not do it justice.

The diversity of goddesses is also a big highlight and really the selling point for me when I decided to give it a read. The extent of my mythological knowledge prior to this book was just Greek and Roman myths. So learning more about mythology outside of that is what I enjoyed the most.

Overall, Legendary Ladies is a pleasant read full of beautiful art and inspiring insights. This is a great read for someone spiritual, wanting to learn more about cultures and myths, and can make a wonderful gift as well.

What goddess do you know the most about? Let me know with a comment below.