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Book Beau in a shop that sells, you may have guessed, book beaus. Book beaus are sleeves that you can place your books or Kindle in for protection. I’ve been using one, and other Book Beau products, for a while now and figured it was time to do a full review!

Starting with the book beaus, they are made from fabric and padding that protects the contents and closes with a zipper. What drew me to these in the first place was the padding specifically as I primarily use these to protect my Kindle and easily grab it an toss it into my purse without concern. They come in a variety of sizes, with the ones pictured be the mini size with is perfect for my Kindle Paperwhite.

The first one I got, which is the purple one, was wrinkled on arrival and I am not sure why. And so far I have not found a way to get rid of the wrinkles, which is a little bit of a bummer but it doesn’t effect it’s usefulness. My other two did not have this issue, so I assume it was a one-time packing issue.

From what I have seen, a lot of their items are done exclusively through pre-orders with some designs being recurring items. I’ve found it best to follow their socials like Facebook and Instagram to see when new designs are coming and see all the cool designs they have. Pre-orders do take longer to arrive, so if that’s an issue keep it in mind. While I’ve leaned into the wizardy styles, there are a bunch more as well.

Another cool item they have is the reading bean. It’s a bean shaped pillow that is great for elevating a book, your phone, or a handheld gaming device in your lap. I got it specifically for when I use my Switch in handheld mode but I have also found it very useful as a neck/head pillow for when I want to be propped up in bed more. The design is on a cover, so if you want more designs all you need to do is buy the cover for your existing bean. The covers are soft minky unlike the the sturdier fabric of the sleeves. It’s been really nice to have the bean and is honestly my most used item from Book Beau.

Overall, I have been happy with everything I have gotten from Book Beau. I haven’t had any major issues and they have all done the job I expected them. The designs are fun as well which is their biggest selling point, especially since there isn’t a huge reason to have more than one of each of their products. So I would recommend Book Beau to fellow readers!

How do you protect your books? Let me know with a comment below.


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I carry so many gadgets around in a smallish crossbody purse, so skins are the best solution for me to reduce bulk and prevent scratches. I use Skinomi skins on everything, and if they don’t have a template for a specific device, I get a tablet-sized one and cut it down to size.

Have you tried steaming the wrinkles out of your Book Beau?

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