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Stray Kids IN生 Review


Stray Kids just released the repackage of their first album called IN生 (IN LIFE). I decided I wanted to get the repackage because I love the original album, wanted to support the artists, and because it does come with some cool extras that American albums don’t do. So here is my review of both the physical good of the album and the music.

I’m going to start with the music because it is the best part of the whole album. Since this is a repackage, it does contain most of the songs from the original album (GO LIVE), which is a great album with so many songs I now love. The repackage also comes with eight new songs which are also great. Of the eight songs, five feature all of the members and three are individual subunits of the group, which is a first across their discography and something I really enjoy when other groups do so it was a nice change for them and still fully fits all of their music.

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen me sharing my favorite songs from the album. These include Back Door, The Tortoise and the Hare, Any, and We Go. But really all of the songs on the album, new and old, are awesome.

Now onto the physical items. One of my favorite parts of these albums is the photobooks. It is definitely my photography nerd coming out. But I appreciate the shoots they do and how the theme fits in with the album and comeback as a whole. And this photobook is full of photos of every member and the group as a whole. And there are photos that weren’t shown as part of the public promotion, so it’s cool to find these new pictures.

For clarification, I pre-ordered the limited edition version which does come with some extra goodies. Here is everything that came with the album and if it was preorder only and/or limited edition only.

  • Package Box : 164 x 224 x 24mm
  • Photobook : 72p
  • CD
  • Photocard : Random 2 out of 33
  • Postcard : Random 1 out of 2
  • Frame Photocard : Random 1 out of 8 / Limited Ver Only
  • Door Hanger : Limited Ver Only
  • Panorama Poster : Random 1 out of 2 / Limited Ver Only
  • Poster : Random 1 out of 3 / Pre-Order Only
  • Mini Photobook :8p /  Random 1 out of 8 / Pre-Order Only

As you can see, there are quite a few extras depending on if you got the limited version and if you pre-ordered either version. The cost between the limited and normal is not that different, but of course it sells out much faster and there are no reprints. So if you do manage to get a choice between limited and normal, go for the limited!

Overall, it’s been cool getting into K-Pop and this whole album package concept they have. Stray Kids is one of my top favorite groups and when they announced the repackage I knew I was going to get it since I already loved the original album. Of course if you aren’t one to want all the extra stuff like photobooks and photocards, you can just stream the music which is my primary way of listening. But I think part of the fun of being a K-Pop fan is album collecting your favorite groups. And IN LIFE is an awesome album that you should check out if you have any interest in K-Pop.

Do you own any albums for K-Pop groups? Tell me which ones with a comment!


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