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Cindr Review


Cindr is a new board game all about the wonderful world of dating dragons. You’ll swipe to find your match and take them on a date to see if you are compatible. Can you take the heat or will you be left burned?

In Cindr, you will create a profile for yourself and choose your likes, dislikes, and some compatibility markers that you will compare to the dragons you date. You won’t know what traits you match with though till you commit on a date with them. Every dragon has bonus abilities that can benefit you or hurt you if you get burned. The date location you go to also offers bonuses that can help, or sometimes hurt, your date. Every date has three stages where you will press your luck and roll dice to earn points. But be careful because too much fire will leave you to getting burned and a failing date.

The game is full of charm and funny references through the art and writing. Reading the bios for the dragons and the date location descriptions are a fun bonus to the game, and can potentially help you decide whether you’d be a good match. And the art, especially for the dragons, is wonderful. Every dragon has a unique look that makes them special and standout.

It is very quick to start playing and getting a hang of the base game, which is nice. There are some extra elements you can play with, like the Confidential mini-expansion you can get. And there is a co-op mode as well as a solo mode if you want to switch up the game for some variety. These are pluses for sure, since I am not sure how replayable the base game alone is, especially if you decided to play it a lot I feel like it will get old quickly.

Overall, Cindr is a fun and light game that you can easily take to any friend, gamers or not, and it be enjoyed. It’s full of whimsy and humor that make it charming and has nice bonuses to add variety when needed.

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