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Blackpink The Album Review


Blackpink has finally released their first full album. I’ve enjoyed a lot of their past music, so I knew I was going to listen to this album and decided to write a review.

Unlike when I reviewed Stray Kids’ album IN LIFE, I don’t have a physical version of this one to review. So this is simply a review of the music and maybe some thoughts on promo and music videos as well.

How You Like That

At first, I wasn’t a fan of this song. I found it a let down compared to previous songs like Kill This Love, Boombayah, etc. It’s also lyrical a little hollow in my opinion. But it has grown on me the more I’ve listened to it. It will never be a favorite of theirs, but it’s okay now.

Ice Cream

I am going to be blunt: I hate this song. It’s just a bunch of sexual innuendos and is cringey at best. I literally cringe listening to it. If the male gaze wrote a song, it would be Ice Cream. There is nothing redeeming about it to me.

Pretty Savage

Not even a minute in, and I like this song so much more than the first two. This is the Blackpink I enjoy. I tend to prefer the more EDM and darker concepts for all groups, so this is right up my alley and instantly redeemed the album from the disappointment that is Ice Cream.

Bet You Wanna

This is the collaboration with Cardi B song. I feel like this song has a similar theme as Ice Cream, but just does a much better job at doing it without it being horribly cringey. It’s more bubbly than I expected a Cardi B track to be, but I like.

Lovesick Girls

This is the title song of the album. I don’t know how I feel about this song. I like it, but it’s more bubblegum pop than I was expecting. Especially from the teasers and photoshoots which looked edgier than this song sounds. And the message of the song is about repetitive heartbreak so why it is as upbeat as it is I don’t know. I have found that on additional listens I enjoy the song more and the confusion has subsided.

Crazy Over You

This song is so good! The track is so good, has attitude, and it feels like a perfect song for Blackpink.

Love To Hate Me

Like Crazy Over You, this song is perfect for Blackpink. The vocals are especially good so props to Rosé and Jisoo for killing it. For me personally, I enjoy Crazy Over You more but this is still a strong song.

You Never Know

You Never Know is fine. It’s a good song but it’s not special and sounds like it could be any girl group’s song. I do think it is tonally a nice ending to the whole album.

Overall, The Album definitely brought some great songs despite the weaker teasers and singles. I do think they are trying to appeal to a more international audience since there is a lot of English lyrics throughout all of the songs. This album also feels really short, which is disappointing with how long it took to even get an album. I will say that I enjoyed the majority of it and have definitely added some songs to my K-Pop favorites. But is this an album of the year? Not for me, no.

Have you listened the Blackpink’s album? Let me know what you thought in the comments!


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My favorite was pretty Savage and lovesick girls! Even i felt the same while listening to ice cream and how you like that song but still after hearing it few times, it sounds okay now! Blackpink always tries to include western style of music in their song which is what I like in them! I’m not a blink but just a fan of them so overall I would say I liked their album despite being some lil flaws 💕

Honestly? My favorite part of Blackpink’s music was how true they were to K-Pop (I also like the darker themes and EDM). No hate here, but I didn’t really like it when it was westernized. But yeah, I totally agree with how cringey Ice Cream is, it was kind of a letdown when it came out. My favorite songs are Pretty Savage and Love to Hate Me. I also love the emotional lyrics in Lovesick Girls; they really touched my heart!

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