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First Look: Neon Future


Neon Future is a sci-fi comic series created by Steve Aoki and Impact Theory about a future cold war between the Augmented, those who have integrated technology into their bodies, and the Authentic, those who haven’t. I have read the first few episodes and want to share some thoughts with you all.

Our story starts as violence erupts when the wold’s most famous anti-tech advocate, Clay Campbell, dies. However he is resurrected with illegal neural technology by Kita Sovee, the leader of the resistance group Neon Future. Despite his deep hatred for Kita and all Augmented, he as to seek their help to learn how to control the terrifying new powers that saved his life.

The comic is told primarily through Clay’s perspective as he is forced to face living like the people he hates and what Neon Future’s, and specifically Kita’s, plan is by giving him the neural technology. He also has all of his former followers now either thinking he is dead or wanting him that way. And there are even more sinister foes in the shadows.

The first few episodes alone are action packed, dramatic, and plot twisty. Since we’re following Clay through this dramatic change he was thrown into, we are also thrown into it and running along. I can tell that this is going to be a complex story all the way to the end, which I think is a good thing.

The art is awesome clearly and definitely worth praising. It’s definitely very different from what is normally seen on Webtoon and like platforms. it definitely fits the story and highlights it nicely.

This comic does have adult themes and language, as a warning for anyone potentially sensitive to it. It has it’s fair share of bloodshed and subsequent swearing, so keep that on mind going it.

Overall, Neon Future is an epic dystopian story with unique art this is definitely worth checking out if sci-fi, technology, and dystopians are your thing. I have enjoyed what I’ve read so far and look forward to where this crazy story will go.

You can read Neon Future on Webtoon as well as physical comics.

If we had the tech, would you become an augmented? Tell me in the comments.


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