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First Look: Lovingly Evil


Have you ever wanted to be a villain? Maybe date a villain? You can do both in Lovingly Evil, a dating simulator for the wicked at heart. I gave the demo a play and have some thoughts to share.

The setup for this game is that you are a villain attending a villains conference for the first time. You will get to custom how you look and what kind of villain you are, be it a criminal mastermind or a godly harbinger of doom. While attending the conference, you can explore the different areas from panels to booths, meeting other villains along the way and maybe getting a chance to romance them.

In the demo, you are restricted to only a few areas to explore and depending on what you choose can affect who you meet. You can spend quite a bit of time with the literal Devil at his sausage stand, chat with an evil scientists’ A.I. assistant, or have a run in with the richest woman in villainy. You’ll be given choices during interactions that can affect your relationship as well as make time move forward.

There are also mini-games you can, with the demo having you temporarily takeover Satan’s sausage stand. It is a fun change of pace and break from the standard visual novel flow of making choices. And the game was harder than I expected it to be. What comes from these games I’m not sure but you do get points for some reason.

Overall, I did enjoy what I played of Lovingly Evil. I am curious as to how actually dating these villains goes. Plus there are a bunch of characters we haven’t met in the demo. If you are someone who really enjoys visual novels and dating sims, you will enjoy Lovingly Evil.

Would you rather be a hero or a villain? Take your pick in the comments below.


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