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First Look: Superstar JYP Nation


The Superstar series of games are rhythm games you can play on mobile. Each individual game focuses on a specific K-Pop company such as YG, SM, and JYP. I specifically played the JYP Nation version and wanted to share my thoughts.

For gameplay, you will have to tap, press, and move along with the dots and the song playing. There are three difficulty levels starting at easy, then normal, and lastly hard. The difficulty levels are definitely not lying, as easy is the easiest and the jump up to normal is definitely significant. And hard is absolutely hard. I found myself mostly playing on easy because I enjoyed it more than playing at a harder level, but I also don’t play these kinds of games for the challenge or to compete against other players.

Speaking of competing against others, there is a league you are a part of while playing. The top three at the end of the league period get prizes and move up to the next league level. You don’t have to opt-in to this as you play by default, but if you are a casual player you don’t really have to pay attention to it as it won’t significantly effect your gameplay.

A significant part of the game is card collecting. Every JYP artist has sets of cards based on certain eras. These cards range in levels and you can upgrade cards to higher values and more powers. When you play the songs of a particular artist, it will use the cards you’ve equipped for that group to aid you and also upgrade the cards as you play. Since I specifically played Stray Kids, I would equip high value cards for each member and upgrade them as I could. These cards are a fun addition to the game that has genuine purpose, but can also be ignored if all you really want to do is play the game solely.

Another part of the game that I really enjoyed is missions. Players are given daily and weekly missions that they can complete to earn rewards. There are also special events with missions as well. If you want to get more diamonds and specific cards, missions are the way to do it. The missions gave more purpose to what songs to play and offered a challenge without having to be involved in the leagues.

Overall, I was happily surprised with how much there is to do in Superstar JYP Nation. My expectation was just a rhythm game with not much else, but it is quite full with the league, missions, and card collecting. I’ve played more of the game than I expected to. And in my opinion you don’t have to be a fan of any of the artists or K-Pop in general to enjoy playing this game, but it is a bonus.

Have you played any of the Superstar games? Share your thoughts in a comment.


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