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First Look: Love Me Knot


Love Me Knot is a Webtoon about a girl named Avery who can see the red string of fate, which is said to connect soulmates together. But her string leads to no one and she thinks she will be forever alone until she meets others who can see the strings too.

While everyone has a red string of fate, Avery believes she is the only one who can actually see them and who they connect to. And the mystery of why her string goes to no one has made her a hopeless romantic. Until she meets Noah, who can also see the strings and has one with no connection. Could this be her fated soulmate or are there others out there like them too?

Avery as a character I really like, as she has a full personality and habits and quirks to make her likable and relatable. She is the real charm of the comic so far as we are still in the early stages. Noah also has his own awkward charms, but we haven’t seen him as much as Avery to know his full charms and quirks.

This comic is only a few episodes in, so we’re still in the relationship development stage between the various characters. I am looking forward to seeing how this all plays out, especially with a budding love triangle on the horizon. Plus we have the whole mystery of these red strings and why some people don’t have connections and can see others. So a romance with a mystery that is light-hearted is how I would overall describe this comic.

You can read Love Me Knot on Webtoon.

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