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How To Get Into K-Pop


K-Pop is a vast genre and industry of music that may be intimidating to some. But here is a simple guide on how to get started in K-Pop.

Explore Playlists

If you don’t know where to start, start with a playlist. There are thousands out there and many with different focuses and themes. Spotify has its own playlists, such as K-Pop Rising, Radar Korea, and more. And I have a fair few myself you can check out, like my overall K-Pop playlist, K-Pop in English, and more.

Find a Group You Like

I got deeper into K-Pop because I got into BTS and explored all of their music, which then led to finding other groups and down the rabbit hole I went. Having a particular group you enjoy is a gateway to more music.

Watch Variety Shows

If you want to know more about a group, like their personalities, variety shows are a good way to do that. Variety shows are like game shows, where groups compete in different games and generally just try a bunch of fun stuff. They are really entertaining honestly. And many groups have made their own variety shows even, like Run BTS and Finding SKZ.

YouTube is The Best Resource

From fan-made compilations to color-coded translated lyric videos to group guides to the official group content, YouTube has abundant videos that are useful. I always look for color-coded translated lyric videos to learn the lyrics and song meaning. And group guides, both helpful and meme-ful, are good ways to get the basic about a group.

What group got you into K-Pop? Let me know with a comment below.


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I love this! My younger sister is in a phase of being obsessed with KPop. I love BTS, Got7, Black Pink, but honestly, I think I heard Got 7’s “Just Right” first I think. She would watch their music videos and variety shows all the time, so it’s hard not to get them stuck in your head LOL I know she loves watching youtube videos that compile songs/videos together and that’s where she takes note of the one she hadn’t heard yet. So Youtube is the best for any KPop starter 🙂

Grislean |

Of course Bts, they drew me in! Only after finding them, I found the purpose of my life. Like seriously 😭😭💜💜
I literally watched every shows and videos of Bts. After noticing my unhealthy obsession with BTS 💜 I thought of listening to other groups too. Like listening blackpink, itzy, taemin (his dance moves are absolutely insane), monstaX, and many more!
Sarange Army 💜

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