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First Look: SubZero


SubZero is a popular Webtoon about two clans ruled by dragon-bearing individuals that have been at war for many years. But that war will end with the alliance created through the marriage of Kyro and Clove, the prince and princess of their respective clans. Years of boiling hatred, growing dissent from assassins, and a secret may break it all if they aren’t careful.

Clove, the princess of the Azure clan, has agreed to marry Kyro, the prince of the Crimson clan in order to end the war that has lasted between the two clans for hundreds of years. Both are dragon vessels, carrying the power of their respective dragons within them. However, Clove has never been able to conciously control hers which is a secret she carries to the Crimson kingdom to marry the enemy. There are also traitors wanting the dragons to fall, secret lovers, and the eyes of everyone on the two of them making this romance much more complicated.

SubZero has a fully developed world which I think makes it really special compared to other romance webtoons. The clans have history, the characters have relationships with each other beyond just the romance of Clove and Kyro, and there are plenty of mysteries waiting to be solved by both the characters and us readers.

SubZero is definitely a binge read, as there are already so many episodes out and the intrigue of the comic is so nicely done. I am still catching up on what all has already been released and so much has happened already and so much more to come. With romance, fantasy, and mystery it is a great webtoon for everyone.

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