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DIG! Review


DIG! is a two-player quick play game about uncovering items at a dig site to get more valuable items than your opponent. But watch out as there are bombs hidden about as well that can low you, and all your items, to pieces.

A copy of this game was provided for the purposes of this review.

You have 11 different dig sites you can excavate and different tools to use in order to do so. All players start off with the lowest tools, being cutlery, which will let you peek at the dig sites’ top card to see what item is there. You can exchange collected valuables for better quality tools that will let you dig up more and more items during your turn. But you’ll have to be careful because if you dig up a bomb, all of your collected items get discarded. Whoever has the highest total value of items once all dig sites are empty is the winner.

This is definitely a fun, and mildly chaotic, game to play. I say chaotic because once you level up your tools and no longer peek at cards, you don’t know if you’ll get a bomb or not and thus chaos may ensue. The chaos led to some good laughs between my brother and I. It is also very quick to play as a game can easily be finished in 5 minutes if wanted. We played a handful of rounds in such a short period which is great for so many reasons.

Overall I found DIG! to be a very fun and easy game to play. I can easily see this being a good gateway game that non-gamers will enjoy as well as more active gamers.

DIG! will be on Kickstarter and is dedicating to deliver before the holidays, making it a great game to play on Christmas a gift/stocking stuffer for the gamer in your life. And it is only $7 making it a steal honestly.

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