Favorite K-Pop Groups

I shared my favorite soloists in K-Pop recently and now wanted to share my favorite groups!

Stray Kids

Stray Kids is my number 1, or ult, group of them all. I love all of their music and all of the members as well.

Top Songs: MIROH, Back Door, Any, Easy, TA, Victory Song


BTS was my first group ever and I still love them dearly. They have tons of music I love and some of my favorite K-Pop tracks ever.

Top Songs: Blood Sweat & Tears, Mic Drop, Not Today, Dope, Black Swan, Silver Spoon


SuperM is the super group for the company SM Entertainment. I quickly loved their music and all of their members too since they are all icons.

Top Songs: Tiger Inside, I Can’t Stand The Rain, Line Em Up, Drip, No Manners, Better Days

Monsta X

Another group with an amazing discography, Monsta X is a more recent favorite of mine.

Top Songs: Follow, Love Killa, Middle of the Night, Fantasia, You Can’t Hold My Heart, Jealousy


NCT became more of a favorite after I started loving SuperM since a few of their members are also in SuperM. While NCT is split into different subgroups, it’s most fitting for me to say I like the overall group.

Top Songs: Kick It (NCT127), Simon Says (NCT127), Chain (NCT127), Baby Don’t Stop (NCT U), Bad Alive (WayV), Deja Vu (NCT Dream)


aespa literally just debuted earlier this month but I’ve already added them to my favorites because I find their concept interesting and really liked their debut song Black Mamba.

Top Song: Black Mamba


3YE is a trio that has some great girl crush concepts. And they are quite underrated, so I love mentioning them when I can.


Honorable mentions: Treasure, Cravity, TxT, Everglow, VeriVery, Seventeen, Kard, The Boyz, Ateez, and CLC

Who are your favorite K-Pop groups? Share them with me in the comments!


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