Non-Geeky Gifts That Geeks Will Love


When getting gifts for your favorite geek, it’s easy to go to their favorite fandoms for inspiration. But if you want to get creative, here are some ideas that aren’t inherently geeky but us geeks will love.

Blue Light Glasses

For anyone who looks at a screen for long periods of time, blue light glasses are a must. I wear mine at work mostly but they would definitely be great for gamers who play games for long periods.

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Wireless and/or Noise-Cancelling Headphones

I’ve loved noise-cancelling headphones for a while, and last year I got a wireless pair and they are my favorite headphones. As a gamer they have been great for not getting wrapped up in cords when playing games and as a K-Pop fan they are great for just zoning out to music when doing things. Also great for your audiobook listeners. I’m even using them now while writing this post!

Ways to Display Their Favorite Things

This could be some nice frames for posters and other art or some shelves to store all their games/books/albums. I definitely have some stuff that could benefit from having some nice frames to hang them. You can even get specialty display items like special holders for Disney Minnie ears or enamel pin banners.

What gift ideas do you have? Share them with a comment.


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