Top 9 of 2020


I will be taking the rest of 2020 off from the blog so in order to celebrate the last post of 2020, I am sharing the top 9 posts from the year!

9. Have You Ever? Gaming Edition

I made a few different Have You Ever? tags throughout the year and the gaming one was clearly a favorite to make it to the top 9.

8. Favorite Underrated Disney Movies

I did a series called Saturday 6 for a while with different themes, and for one I shared my favorite Disney movies that are definitely underrated.

7. Cokodive Review

Cokodive is a shop of K-Pop merchandise, especially for official merchandise. I’ve been using it to get various K-Pop items and decided to review it to help others understand the site.

6. Beginner’s Guide to the Bangtan Universe

The Bangtan Universe is a complex roller coaster of a storyline associated with BTS and I decided to write up a guide for those who are trying to figure it out for the first time.

5. Board Games By Black Designers You Should Play

With the ongoing Black Lives Matter movements and their height of focus this summer, I made a post listing a bunch of board games created by Black designers and publishers that deserve attention. I’m glad this made it to the top 9 this year!

4. Self Care Tips Based On Your Hogwarts House

With 2020 being a stressful year, self care has been important so I am not surprised this post made it to the top 9.

3. BTS Mystery Box Review

Cokodive creates these BTS themed mystery boxes and I got myself a couple and reviewed them.

2. Video Games to Play Based on Your Myers-Briggs Series

Every post in this series made it to the top 9 and I found it easiest to list the series as a whole. I’ve given game suggestions for other identifies like Hogwarts houses and Zodiac. I’m glad this series made it to the top since it was a big project.

1.Here To Slay Review

Google searches really crowned the Here To Slay Review the number one post. The game came out this year and I received it early since I Kickstarted it. So if anyone was considering the game, you can check out my review.

And this concludes my planned posts for 2020! See you all in the new year.