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MonsDRAWsity Review


MonsDRAWsity is a drawing-based game where a witness will have to memorize as much about the monster they see in a short amount of time. The witness then has to describe what they saw without a reference to the sketch artists. The artist whose drawing is closest to the mysterious creature is the winner. I got to play this game over the holidays with my family and want to share my experience with you!

A copy of this game was provided for the purposes of this review.

The game is easy enough to grasp. The most difficult part to explain was determining who won a round since there were two factors involved. That was the part we messed up a couple of times while getting used to the game, but we did get the hang of it. We would often though get stuck in situations of having someone be the tie-breaker vote, and the two options were themself and one other. Since you can’t vote for yourself, says the rules, it would always be a little bit of a meh situation.

This game led to some really funny moments with my family and our vastly different ability levels when it comes to drawing. I was often told that my drawings made the monsters look cute, like a teddy bear in a sweater. So if you are worried that you need to be a great artist, don’t be. It’s all for fun and sometimes the more ridiculous the drawing the better.

Even though you really focus on your own art in this game, I do want to point out that the actual game art is fantastic. These monsters are all super unique and creative and seeing what they really look like after being described is always a fun reveal moment. They also have an expansion with cute creatures to add an adorable mix, which is great if you want littler kids to play.

The only reason I don’t see myself playing this very often is because you need a minimum of three players, and even that requires some tweaking of rules. I most commonly play games with a total of two players, so this game just won’t be picked up as often because of that. My brother and I did talk about how this game would be great for one of his larger group gatherings, but those are still rare.

Do you enjoy drawing games? Share your favorites in the comments below.