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Board Games By Women Designers You Should Play


March is Women’s History Month so I decided to share some great board games designed by women!


Elizabeth Hargrave is the sole designer behind this bird lover’s board game. You are bird enthusiasts—researchers, bird watchers, ornithologists, and collectors—seeking to discover and attract the best birds to your network of wildlife preserves.

Stellar Leap

Explore the galaxy in Stellar Leap, designed and published by Carla Kopp, by becoming an alien species and work to become the most prestigous alien species in the galaxy by completing missions, discovering new planets, increasing population, and fulfilling your hidden trait’s objective.

… and then we died

Emma Larkins designed this ghostly storytelling game where your group are all ghosts that need to know the story of your death before you can pass on to the other side. Work with your fragmented memories and the help of tarot to get the full story of your demise to pass peacefully.


Connie Kazmaier co-designed this charming game all about the world of tea. You’ll become a tea merchant and work to create the most perfect blends to satisfy your customers. Specializing in either rooibos, green, oolong, black or white tea, you will buy and collect ingredients, choose additives to make your tea extra special, and win over tea aficionados.


Sarah Reed is one of designers behind Oaxaca, a game all about the beautiful handicrafts of Southern Mexico. You are a family of skilled Oaxacan handicraftsmen preparing to sell your artisan wares to eager tourists at a bustling tianguis (a large, outdoor market) within Oaxaca City.


Sophia Wagner, winner of the Spiel des Jahres fellowship in 2015, debuted with Noria in 2017. You work to build up your own flying empire through trade, smart buying, and wheel building.


Designed by Nagisa Kujira, CMYK! is a real-time action game in which all players connect colorful triangular tiles at the same time. You can attach the same mark of the same color written on each side of the triangular tile. Then you earn points by making a hexagon or achieving the objective stated on the objective cards.


Yes, that Jenga! Leslie Scott is the mind behind the tower toppling game known by millions. She has also designed other games like Ex Libris.

You can check out more amazing designers and publishers thanks to this list curated by Elizabeth Hargrave!


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