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March Madness: Board Game Bracket


Day 2 of my March Madness is here and today’s bracket has my favorite board games going head to head!

Like I did for the video game bracket, I chose eight of my favorite board games and used BracketHQ to create my brackets, randomizing how the pairings were made. From there, I made my choices. So let’s begin!

Round 1

Scattergories vs. Epic Spell Wars

Epic Spell Wars is a super fun game especially with bigger groups of friends where you can all laugh about your ridiculous spells but still get good strategy out of it. But the nostalgic love I have for Scattergories, it being a family favorite, makes it top this pair.

Abracada…what? vs. Uno

Abracada…what? was a surprising favorite of mine. It ended up being better than anticipated which is what got it to this bracket. But, like Scattergories, Uno has the nostalgia factor and is also a timeless game. So Uno wins this round.

Love Letter vs. Tokaido

Both of these games are great and this was the hardest pair to decide on this round. Tokaido ultimately came out on top for it’s relaxing nature and strategic prowess.

Ticket to Ride vs. Unstable Unicorns

I’ve been a fan of Unstable Unicorns, and everything they have released since, since the first Kickstarter. But Ticket to Ride is a classic that I can easily play with my family now and just hits the table more often. So Ticket to Ride wins round one.

Round 2

Scattergories vs. Uno

The nostalgia pair face off! Scattergories comes out on top though because it’s a touch more special in my memories and I’ve had many a funny moment playing it.

Tokaido vs. Ticket to Ride

This pairing is a hard choice for sure. Both of these games are great. But my personal preference has me choosing Tokaido over Ticket to Ride.

Final Round

Scattergories vs. Tokaido

Scattergories is I game I have enjoyed for my whole life. But Tokaido tops it because it is visually stunning and strategically complex.

And now for the final break down!


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