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March Madness: Disney Bracket


Day 4 is about Disney! With 32 animated classics from the house of mouse up to bat, who will win the bracket?

For this bracket there are 28 Disney films and 4 Pixar to reach an even 32. I also went with movies I have seen, so if one is missing in your opinion it probably means I haven’t seen it. I used BracketHQ to create my brackets, randomizing how the pairings were made. From there, I made my choices. So let’s begin!

Round 1

The Aristocats vs. The Rescuers

Both of these are childhood favorites of mine. So I went with the one I would watch right now given the choice which is The Aristocats.

Big Hero 6 vs. Tangled

I really enjoyed Big Hero 6 the one time I’ve watched it. But I have only watched it once where Tangled I’ve seen multiple times, twice in theaters. So Tangled was an easy win here.

Robin Hood vs. Atlantis

This one was hard because these are both underrated gems. In the end I went with Atlantis.

Brave vs. The Emperor’s New Groove

I do really enjoy Brave. But I definitely enjoy The Emperor’s New Groove more and have seen it numerous times and quote it constantly. So this round goes to the latter.

The Princess and the Frog vs. The Lion King

The Lion King is the winner of this round largely for it being a childhood favorite of mine and iconic in so many ways.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame vs. Tarzan

While I remember watching Tarzan a lot as a kid, I am giving this round to The Hunchback of Notre Dame for being so stunning and tonally different for Disney.

Inside Out vs. Wreck-It Ralph

Inside Out is the easy win here for me. While Wreck-It Ralph is fun, it doesn’t hold a candle to Inside Out.

The Little Mermaid vs. Hercules

This is a tougher one for me but I ultimately chose Hercules. As an adult I find Hercules more enjoyable.

Aladdin vs. Treasure Planet

Treasure Planet is underrated in my opinion, but Aladdin is definitely a better film in my opinion.

The Great Mouse Detective vs. Pocahontas

The Great Mouse Detective is the childhood favorite and I have fond feelings toward it that make it beat Pocahontas.

Frozen vs. Toy Story

Toy Story easily. I have not hidden my dislike for Frozen so honestly it was going to lose regardless. Toy Story is one of Pixar’s best also so of course it won.

Ratatouille vs. Cinderella

I went with Ratatouille with this one. While Cinderella is a classic film, I enjoy Ratatouille’s story more.

Moana vs. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Moana easily wins over Snow White. I respect Snow White and the Seven Dwarves for being the first animated feature film, but that is where I stop. Moana is one of my all-time favorite so it was going to win.

Beauty and the Beast vs. Mulan

This was a harder pairing because Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorites. But Mulan is my all-time favorite so it won in the end.

Lilo & Stitch vs. Sleeping Beauty

I appreciate Lilo & Stitch for being very different from the princess led films and also being the true first Disney film about familial love. But the iconic factor of Sleeping Beauty pulled ahead for me.

Meet the Robinsons vs. Up

Up is the winner of this pair. I enjoy Meet the Robinsons but against Up it just wasn’t going to win.

Round 2

The Aristocrats vs. Tangled

While I am a big cat love, Tangled is just a better film all around. So Tangled takes it.

Atlantis vs. The Emperor’s New Groove

Two underrated early 2000s classics and of the two The Emperor’s New Groove is my choice for this round.

The Lion King vs. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Lion King takes this round. I simply just like it much more than The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Inside Out vs. Hercules

This one is hard because Inside Out is undeniably great. But I’d say I am more likely to watch Hercules. So Hercules it is!

Aladdin vs. The Great Mouse Detective

My nostalgia for The Great Mouse Detective is high, but I do think Aladdin is overall a better film. Thus Aladdin takes it.

Toy Story vs. Ratatouille

Battle of the Pixar and my choice goes to Toy Story. Toy Story has had a much wider impact than Ratatouille.

Moana vs. Mulan

This is the most difficult pairing and I really wanted to have to save this for later because I love both of these movies. Mulan pulls ahead in the end for the win though.

Sleeping Beauty vs. Up

When comparing these two, I am going with Sleeping Beauty. While Up is a power movie especially in the first fifteen minutes, I don’t really care after that first fifteen.

Round 3

Tangled vs. The Emperor’s New Groove

Two great movies that I’ll watch again and again. Ultimately though, The Emperor’s New Groove wins.

The Lion King vs. Hercules

Given the choice of what I’d watch now, I’d go with The Lion King. It also has a stronger nostalgic hold than Hercules for me.

Aladdin vs. Toy Story

For me, Aladdin is a more entertaining movie than Toy Story is. So Aladdin wins this round.

Mulan vs. Sleeping Beauty

For me, Mulan easily wins this pair. I love Mulan and simply respect Sleeping Beauty.

Round 4

The Emperor’s New Groove vs. The Lion King

The Emperor’s New Groove pulls ahead of The Lion King here. It was a hard choice but I am more likely to watch Kuzco and Pacha than I am to watch Simba.

Aladdin vs. Mulan

This is a harder choice but Mulan takes it in the end.

Final Round

The Emperor’s New Groove vs. Mulan

Two of my favorites and when left to choose, I go with Mulan. The nostalgia I have towards Mulan plus how it stands the test of time and how Mulan is a wonderful character is what makes it the ultimate winner.

And now for the final break down!


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