Broadway Challenges March Madness 2021

March Madness: Broadway Bracket


We’re going to Broadway for today’s bracket! I’m putting my favorite musicals head to head so let’s see who comes out on top!

Like I did for the books bracket, I chose eight of my favorite musicals and used BracketHQ to create my brackets, randomizing how the pairings were made. From there, I made my choices.

Round 1

Hamilton vs. Six

The two historical retellings with non-traditional music would be put together. These are two of my top favorites, but the win ultimately goes to Hamilton.

Next to Normal vs. Come From Away

This pairing hurt me to make a choice. These are both incredible shows and I recommend you check out both. I ultimately chose Come From Away though as it is more upfront in my favorites lately.

Phantom of the Opera vs. Heathers

Phantom of the Opera was my high school favorite that has faded away. And Heathers is the Off-Broadway surprise I would have never checked out normally but ended up loving. Heathers takes this round.

Wicked vs. Hadestown

Wicked is another high school favorite of mine that I still enjoy. But I absolutely adore Hadestown so it won without question.

Round 2

Hamilton vs. Come From Away

American history takes the stage in this pair and Hamilton pulls through as my top pick. Come From Away is amazing, but I have so many memories and connections to Hamilton that it prevails.

Heathers vs. Hadestown

These two shows are so different from one another. Hadestown easily wins though because of how much I love it. And if I could choose which show to see between the two, it’s Hadestown hands down.

Final Round

Hamilton vs. Hadestown

The Tony winners face-off and although this is a really hard choice, Hadestown pulls through as the ultimate winner.

And now for the final break down!


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Hadestown- been wanting to see that musical since 2019. That musical is touring Charlotte later this year, and hoping to see it this year.

Problem with me doing the brackets is that my top favorite is a two way tie- how do I choose between the two

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