K-Pop Music Recap

My Top K-Pop Songs for March 2021


With March coming to an end and a bunch of new music being released, it’s time to share some of my favorites!


SEA is a physical only release by BTS that I found via Rhythm Hive and immediately fell in love with. I have been playing it on repeat all month long and it’s now one of my favorite BTS songs ever.

Killa by MIRAE

MIRAE debuted this month with Killa and I was immediately a fan of the song. I lean towards the upbeat, “noise” music and I was really impressed with this group’s debut.

Ponzona by Purple Kiss

Purple Kiss officially debuted this month with Ponzona and their first minialbum Into Violet. The entire album is great so I think I have a new favorite girl group to keep an eye on.

Our Summer by Tomorrow x Together

Another song discovered via Rhythm Hive is Our Summer. I’ve listened to TxT in the past, but this was the first time I dived deeper into their music. And Our Summer has stuck around as a new favorite of mine.

We Lost The Summer by Tomorrow x Together

Another TxT song that I now love. Clearly it is connected to Our Summer, because Big Hit loves connecting their music across albums. So how these two relate to each other is a big reason why I enjoy both of them. Also, if you can’t tell, this was a pandemic track and they lean into that a lot.

What music have you been enjoying lately? Share it with me in the comments!


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