Disney Theme Parks Wishlist

DisneylandForward Wishlist


DisneylandForward is a public planning effort between the Walt Disney Company and the City of Anaheim to build a proposed expansion to the Disneyland Resort. They alluded to some ideas they could do with their expansion and it gave me the idea to share some things I would love to see come to the Disneyland Resort.

Brand New Land

In the proposed plans, they mention many different lands they could potentially add to the parks and they are almost all lands that they have made or plan to make at one of their other parks. I personally would love a brand new land that hasn’t been anywhere else and would be unique to Disneyland.

Expand Pixar Pier

Pixar Pier is easily one of the best upgrades Imagineering has done at the Disneyland Resort in recent years. And there is still space around the pier that has not been transformed to be Pixar and could definitely use it. Replacing the Silly Symphony Swings, Jumping Jellyfish, and Golden Zephyr with Pixar themed attractions would really make the whole pier awesome and probably my favorite part of the park.

Remove the PeopleMover Track

I am probably the only Disney Parks enthusiast who wants the PeopleMover removed from Disneyland rather than fixed and replaced. I don’t understand why this attraction is adored so much when in reality it causes major crowding issues in Tomorrowland. Removing it could make walking in the land so much easier and I would rather have that.

Update Tomorrowland

Speaking of Tomorrowland, it could really use an update. It’s still very 1950’s idea of the future, and while that has it’s charm, I would like to see some overhaul done. Especially since they have added in IP themed attractions like Buzz Lightyear’s Astro-blasters and Finding Nemo’s Submarine Voyage, everything in that land is very mismatched and hodgepodged together. Plus, with Galaxy’s Edge existing, all of Star Wars can move over there which can free up Tomorrowland to new opportunities.

What do you want to see done at the parks? Share with me in a comment!