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Rhythm Hive Songs Wishlist


If you follow my Twitter you have definitely seen me posting Rhythm Hive gameplay videos recently. And it got me thinking what other songs I’d like to see in the game. So here are tracks I want to see added!



I know this song will come eventually but I want it already. I’ve been itching for new Enhypen music since they are so new, and now that we have the second mini album we have more music that I need in Rhythm Hive pronto.

Tomorrow x Together


Wishlist is from the last mini album that also had the songs Blue Hour and We Lost The Summer which are in the game. It’s fun and upbeat which works perfect for the game and is one of my favorite songs from that album


Make It Right

I love Make It Right and that is really the extent of why I want it in the game. It has a nice balance of a slower tempo but still upbeat enough to make a balanced rhythm game song.

Mic Drop

Yes, Mic Drop is already in the game. However, I’d like one without Desiigner. Either the Steve Aoki remix or even just the original would be nice. I can’t say I am a fan of having half the song being not a BTS member for this since then, gameplay wise, half the song is unaffected by your card choices.

21st Century Girl

How this song is not in Rhythm Hive I don’t know. It’s perfect for it! A pop dance track with a great beat is perfect and it will add more diversity to the Wings song options.

Am I Wrong

Another upbeat song I don’t know why it hasn’t made it to the game. It fits in perfectly with other BTS songs like Boyz with Fun, Anpanman, and Go Go.

Stay Gold (and other Japanese tracks)

There are currently no Japanese songs in the game and it would be nice to have those as well. I particularly would want Stay Gold, Your Eyes Tell, and Don’t Leave Me.

We Are Bulletproof Pt.2

We need another debut album song so it is not solely No More Dream. And the only real option for that is We Are Bulletproof Pt.2 which is definitely a hype song that would work well.

Rap Line Tracks

There are a handful of vocal line only songs in the game, so where are the rap line tracks? Give us the Cyphers or UGH! Give the rap line some love too.

Agust D


So this is a long shot for sure, but it would be really cool to get Agust D in the game too. Other rhythm games incorporate their solo artists by giving them multiple cards, so why can’t Rhythm Hive. Like a D-2 card set could include both Daechwita versions of Agust D. It is doable so that would be cool. And then if this works add RM and J-Hope’s mixtapes too.

What artist, K-Pop or not, would you want to see in a rhythm game? Share who in the comments!


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