Birthday Haul


Monday was my birthday and to celebrate I went on my first trip since pre-pandemic for some shopping and everything I got was nerdy, so I decided to share!

Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble was the main location for this entire trip. And it did not disappoint. I got some K-Pop albums, with two Tomorrow X Together albums and the Japanese version of BTS’ Map of the Soul album which I was so surprised to find. But the big surprise that became a must get was The Art of Mulan. If you’ve been around the blog for a while you’ll know my favorite Disney movie is Mulan. So when I saw this book I had to have it.


Since I live in the middle of nowhere, we don’t even have a Target. And since target has decent nerdy stuff, we went. Board games were the main spoils of this, especially since they had a sale going on. So I got a Disney’s Jungle Cruise game, One Night Ultimate Werewolf for an upcoming game night, and a two-player word game called A Little Wordy. Only other thing I got at Target was picture frames to display my Playbills along with my signed Broadway posters.

Box Lunch

When I saw that the mall we were going to had a Box Lunch store, I knew I immediately had to visit. It really is geek merch mecca. I could have spent hours in there honestly. As for what I got, I knew I wanted to check out the Funkos since they have exclusives and I ended up getting a Jungle Cruise with Skipper Mickey since the Jungle Cruise is one of my top nostalgic attractions at Disneyland. I then got two shirts, with one being Hamilton’s logo with the Schuyler sisters which is perfect for when I go see Hamilton later this year. The other is a Mulan shirt with a pretty cool cherry blossom design.

And More

So some stuff I ordered online from different places so that is what this is. First is the Haunted Mansion Funko with the butler and mansion included. It’s my favorite Disneyland attraction so I couldn’t resist. Second is a Loungefly backpack that displays pins with the Beauty and the Beast rose design. I collect pins, especially Disney, and having a backpack to show them off in the parks is way easier than a lanyard. And lastly I finally got a Disneyland spirit jersey. I’ve wanted one for a while but couldn’t find one I really wanted. But then I found one of the Wishes Come True jerseys on Mercari and decided to get it after some long deliberation.

Have you acquired anything nerdy lately? Tell me about it with a comment below!