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Overboard Review


Can you get away with murder? You can try in Overboard, a new visual novel game from inkle where you have just a few hours to get away with pushing your husband overboard.

A copy of this game was provided for the purposes of this review.

Your objective is to get away with murder, but it isn’t quite that simple. There are witnesses you need to find and everyone on the ship has something to hide, which you can use to your advantage. And it isn’t just getting away with it that matters. It also matters how you do so. Be it faking his suicide or pinning the crime on someone else, you have options that will lead to different outcomes.

You have to watch your time though, because you have a limited amount of time to do all you need to. Traveling between areas will take time, as well as conversations and other actions done in every location. You’ll need to think quick to accomplish your goal.

I quite enjoy the quick gameplay with the limited time as it forces you to make decisions quicker. Plus there is tons of replayability as you try to get the perfect getaway and discover all of the secrets of the other passengers. What is nice too is that as you restart the days, the game will highlight your previous decisions so you know what you have done in the past. And as you keep playing, you’ll see how characters respond to your different choices and how you can utilize that in future runs.

Overall, I really enjoyed Overboard. Especially since I haven’t been gaming much lately, it was nice to have a quick and easy game to play that still carried enough strategy to keep me interested. I could see myself playing more just to uncover everything.

Overboard is available on Nintendo Switch, Steam and the Apple Store.