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A Little Wordy Review


A Little Wordy is a two-person tile game where you must use your tiles to create a secret word and then use different clue questions to guess your opponent’s secret word. But be careful, because you need to have the most points to win. This game is from the creators of Exploding Kittens, and I wanted to share my review with you.

Gameplay is fairly straightforward, and they have a video you can watch to learn as well. You pull tiles for consonants and vowels and have to make a word using your given letters. Once you have your secret word written down, scramble your tiles and slide them over to your opponent so they can use them to decipher your word and vice versa. From there you take turns requesting hints from a given set of available clue requests on cards. As you gain intel, your opponent gains points based on the hint you used. Once either secret word is guessed correctly, whoever has the most points wins. So you can get the word correct, but lose if your opponent has more points.

I enjoy how the strategy of this game isn’t solely coming up with a clever or unique word that may be hard to guess. You have to strategize what hints you’re willing to request for and the points your opponent will then receive. So while you can get huge intel from a certain clue card, you also risk giving your opponent huge amount of points. It’s balance and it makes the game feel win-able even if you are playing against a master wordsmith like I did. I was able to beat him with the word dusty while his word was weft. All because of smart strategy.

It’s a very relaxed game as well. There is nothing intense about the game and it plays quickly, so it is really nice to play when you want to play a game and chill with it. It’s quick to learn and get the hang of, and only needing one other person makes it great for couples or small game groups.

Overall, this little game is a big win for two-player games. It has charm thanks to being a game from the Exploding Kittens team. It is straightforward with plenty of strategy to keep even the most hardcore of tabletop players satisfied. You really don’t have to be super great with vocabulary to play and do well, so don’t worry about that at all.

Do you enjoy word games? Tell me what you’ve played in a comment below!


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