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Quick Takes: July Debuts and Comebacks


July is at its end so I’m giving my quick takes on all of the debuts and comebacks we got from K-Pop!

I’m only sharing the debuts and comebacks I actually paid attention to and not every single one that happened in the month. So if a favorite artist of yours isn’t in here, tell me about them in a comment and I’ll check them out!


VAMOS by Omega X

What a wild debut track, and I mean that positively. The super high energy of it makes a big impact and I like how it went a little more party with the concept than other boy groups have done as of late.

Four Hearts out of Five

Damage by JUST B

I like this song and debut, but admittedly it doesn’t stand out that much from all the other boy groups debuting of late. It’s the same kind of concept and music choice that could be done by a number of other groups. And what American football has to do with this, I don’t know.

Three Hearts out of Five


Xtra by AleXa

This is very different from previous AleXa songs with how bright and fun it is. It’s very 90’s nostalgia and enjoyable. Some of the lyrics are a little ridiculous, but the chorus is addictive.

Four Hearts out of Five


The video is stunning for sure and I really like the groups overall concept. As for the song itself, it is good and what I enjoy most in K-Pop. But what really sells this is the visuals and concept, bot the song.

Four Hearts out of Five


This isn’t technically an official comeback, as the single is for the Universe app, but I wanted to include it because CIX is underrated and deserves more. And even with a one minute clip, this song is great.

Five Hearts out of Five

Tear Drop by SF9

I appreciate they are going for something different compared to every other comeback and debut. Also videographers and editors deserve a raise. I’m not sure though if I like the song though. There are other SF9 songs I like more, but that is personal taste.

Four Hearts out of Five

What new music have you been enjoying this month, K-pop or not? Tell me about it with a comment!


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